APRIL 2, 2002 - 14:14 EST

Danier Leather's Backgammon Craze Catches On At The
Oscars(R) And Other Celebrity Awards Shows


   -Danier Leather's Popular Travel Backgammon Sets will be given to
   Celebrity Presenters and Performers at the 31st Annual Juno Awards-


Danier Leather, the leading leather goods company in Canada and 
one of the largest in the world, has started a backgammon craze 
across North America.  After celebrities like Heather Locklear, 
Richie Sambora and Lance Bass fell in love with Danier's colorful 
leather-bound backgammon sets at Locklear's surprise 40th birthday
party, the trend caught on immediately and spread to celebrity 
award shows like the Academy Awards(R) and the upcoming Juno 

For the 31st Annual Juno Awards on Sunday, April 14, which will be
televised on CTV, musical performers and presenters like the 
Barenaked Ladies, Nelly Furtado, Diana Krall, Nickelback, Amanda 
Marshall and Alanis Morissette will join the celebrity backgammon 
rage when they are given the sought-after red travel backgammon 
sets from Danier Leather.   

At the 74th Annual Academy Awards(R) held on March 24, Hollywood's
biggest celebrities received red leather backgammon sets in their 
gift baskets.  Celebrities like Julia Roberts, Russell Crowe, 
Sting, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Stiller,
Kirsten Dunst and Benicio Del Toro were treated to the must-have 
backgammon sets from Danier Leather.  Danier's clothing and 
accessories have also become a staple at celebrity events such as 
the Sundance Film Festival, Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards and 
the MTV Video Music Awards. 

Danier Leather CEO Jeffrey Wortsman says he was overwhelmed by the
success of Danier's backgammon sets, and the company is currently 
working on the next must-have accessory.  "When Danier first 
created the travel backgammon sets, we did a small order of black 
leather pieces that were quite popular, especially in the United 
States.  Once we sold them in bright colors like turquoise, pink 
and red, they were enormously successful," says Wortsman.  "People
are really passionate about backgammon, and now that celebrities 
have caught on, we just can't keep them on the shelves!" 

About Danier 

Founded in 1972, Danier Leather has been a leading force in the 
Canadian fashion industry since its inception, and has become 
known for taking inspiration from runway trends and classic design
elements, interpreting them into chic, high quality leather and 
suede garments.  The Danier brand made its name by offering 
contemporary and fashionable clothing and accessories at 
remarkable prices.  Danier continues to do so today and is quickly
building a worldwide reputation through international expansion.  
Comprised of a multi-channel organization of 87 retail stores 
across Canada, Danier Leather has two U.S. stores in Long Island, 
New York, and an award winning e-commerce channel,
The headquarters and several factories are based in Toronto, 
Canada.  Danier is a publicly traded company on the Toronto stock 
exchange (TSE listing: DL).

Danier Leather
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